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How To Master Your Mobile Addiction In 5 Minutes.

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How To Master Your Mobile Addiction In 5 Minutes.
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Do you often feel that mobile addiction apps have taken over your life? Do you find yourself constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat? Are these mobile apps taking up most of the time at work meetings or in the classroom? Are mobile games and social media messages making it difficult for you to get through daily activities? Such as cooking dinner with friends, going for a walk with your partner or even just watching an episode. “The Biggest Loser”? If so then unfortunately mobile addiction is becoming all too common.

Mobile addictions can be classified into two categories. The first is where mobile addictions become so severe. People are willing to lose their jobs, relationships and sometimes even their lives over mobile phone usage. These addictions can be generally classified as “smartphone addiction” or “internet addiction”. Smartphones are mobile devices that allow users to access the internet, use apps and make calls. The second type of mobile addiction is less severe and more common. This is where people’s mobile phone usage begins to have a negative effect on their daily lives. But they are still able to complete daily activities. This type of mobile addiction can be generally classified as “social media addiction” or “game addiction”.

The same way gambling addiction has an effect on human psychology is the same or more the way mobile addiction is.

How To Master Your Mobile Addiction In 5 Minutes.
People are busy with their phones in the street.

Whichever type of mobile addiction you may suffer from. There are some simple steps that you can take to help overcome it. Here are five tips for overcoming your mobile addiction:

1) Recognize The Problem Of Mobile Addiction

The first step in overcoming any addiction is recognizing that you have a problem. This can be difficult when mobile addiction is all you have ever known. But it is an important step if you are to make any type of progress in overcoming your mobile addiction.

2) Limit The Use Of Mobile Devices

The next step after recognizing that you have a mobile device problem is to limit the time, you spend using your mobile device. While this may sound simple there are many different ways that an individual can choose to go about limiting their mobile use. You can leave your mobile at home while spending time with family or friends. Set up separate accounts for each member of the family on tablets. So each has their own designated times for use or try holding offline parties. Where mobile devices are either prohibited or not even available. The choice is yours but the important thing is that you make a conscious effort. Limit your mobile device use.

3) Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Uninstalling any unwanted applications from your phone is one approach to decreasing your smartphone usage. Because most of us have become quite reliant on our phones for entertainment, communication, and even work purposes. This may be a tough job. If you want to get rid of your mobile device habit permanently. It’s critical to get rid of any applications that aren’t necessary for day-to-day functioning.

4) Set Time Limits For Using Mobile Addiction Devices

Set time restrictions for yourself to limit mobile device use. This might be as simple as making a timer and using your phone only during that period. Or simply establishing a mobile device restriction for yourself while socializing with family or friends. It is entirely up to you whether you want to impose limits on your smartphone usage in this way. But limiting smartphone use in this manner will allow you to enjoy time with others. Without having your phone constantly disrupting you.

How To Master Your Mobile Addiction In 5 Minutes.

5) Set Mobile-Free Times

The majority of individuals have periods in their lives that they connect with the availability of their mobile phones. These might be any time during the day. Such as for breakfast, lunch, or supper, or late at night before going to sleep. If you suspect that you suffer from mobile addiction. It’s critical that you alter these times so you can try scheduling all your phone-related activities for non-phone times each day. This may simply imply being attentive and focused when your family or friends are around instead of using your phone (which is frequently the case)


Mobile phones, in and of themselves, may not be inherently harmful. However, if you have an addiction to mobile devices or are unable to control your usage without feeling guilty about it. Then this information can help you break the habit. The steps above may be difficult to follow. But hard work and commitment might assist you in overcoming your mobile addiction. If you find yourself struggling to comply with these recommendations, it’s possible that you need professional assistance. There are several specialists that specialize in treating smartphone addictions and can help you overcome yours.

Mobile device addiction is a serious issue that many people are dealing with today. While there are various methods to overcome this habit, the five suggestions described above are a good place to start. Anyone may overcome their mobile device dependency with hard work and dedication.

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